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Support a woman in Uganda with a piglet

Note you payment with the same name used in the email.

Account number:

1503 631 0569

(Norwegian bank - DNB)





A gift is just as much worth as the love it has been selected with.

Support Z-Uganda with 400 NOK and this is what you provide for a woman in Uganda:


You can influence a future by giving a woman in Uganda the opportunity to improve their personal and their families independence, both economically and socially, through being owner of a pig. Focusing on empowerment and sustainable development, and with pigs as a tool, you can be involved in fighting poverty. As a symbol of what you give, you get a piggy bank with our logo, and a handmade card that explains what your gift with meaning has ment.


Your contribution supports a woman with the opportunity to build their own pigsty including equipment,  you give her a pre-vaccinated piglet with transportation to the village. It also includes concentrates the first months and you secured the pig welfare in the form of veterinary equipment.

Any surplus goes to the organization's other objectives.


How to support:


Fill out the email belove with where you want to receive the order, we only send inside of Norway!


Per purchased pig in Uganda there will be given a logopig as a gift from us. When buying more pigs, please state how many logopigs you want in the email. Unless otherwise stated, it will be given one logopig per order.



Thank you for your support!



Your details were sent successfully!

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