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Z-Uganda have chosen piglets as a tool in the progress of improving women’s independence.


We work with micro-finances, that means that each participants receives a pig from the organization as a loan. Our local veterinary personnel are in charge of breeding the pigs, and making sure that the pigs are in good keep. He is also in charge of teaching the women about animal keep and pig sty construction.


The repayment is also done through piglets. The pigs which is given back to the organization is used to cover expands and to start new women's groups, with focus on sustainable development.


Our pig sty construction is based on raw material locally from the villages, such as wooden poles, bamboo poles, grass thatch etc. 


Also the feeding and consentrates are based on whats available locally in the villages. 


The training sessions also consists about the benefits of compositing pig waste and how to put this to use in the farmers gardens.

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