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§ 1 Name and origins


  • Z-Uganda is an independent association created 25.08.14.

  • The association has its origin in Uganda.

  • The association is located in Stavanger.

  • Creators are Maren Wenberg and Karina Rugland.


§ 2 Purpose


Z- Uganda aims to:


  • Establish and operate women's groups focusing on Empowerment.

  • Through  independence of women our work should contribute to a better life, also for the families.

  • Strengthen the communitie by working closely with local resources.

  • Work towards sustainable development. 

  • Create awareness and interest across cultures.


§ 3 Work


The association will finance their projects through:

  • Funds raised from various events

  • Sponsors

  • Support scheme

  • Gifts


Z -Uganda will take advantage of people who may be gifted in terms of its expertise in efforts to realize the aims of the association, either through work in Norway or Uganda.


The association will mainly rely on voluntary work, but any actual expenses in connection with commitment, will also be demonstrated.


§ 4 The association


The Annual Meeting is the association's highest organ. All of the members have the right to participate, and have the right to speak. The Annual Meeting will mainly revolve around electing the board.


The Association consists of a board of 2-5 directors. The board is elected for 2 year terms at the annual meeting. The founders should allways be offered membership in the board.

You can also become a member of Z-Uganda, with a yearly payment of 500 NOK


The creators have the right to attend, vote and speak at the meetings. The founders have doublevote. 


Board meetings will be set up as needed, in addition to the regular annual meeting.


§ 5 The function and mission of the board


The Board is responsible for the realization of the Association's goals by:

  • Create plans and strategies

  • Guidance and facilitation

  • Managing the association's finances in a prudent manner


The board has a quorum when at least 2/3 of the members are present.Board decisions are taken by majority. The leaders vote is crucial by tie vote. In leaders absence, the deputys vote will be crucial. There shall be written abstracts after every meeting that shall be signed and approved. 


§ 6 Changes of the regulations


Changes of the regulations can only be done at the Annual Meetings. It requires two-thirds majority.


§ 7 Termination of the Association


The Association can only be terminated after approval at the Annual Meeting. This requires a majority of votes in the upcoming two meetings. The founders have to approve termination of the association. Upon termination of the Association all the values of the association will go to charitable work in Uganda.





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