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Women's group

Many women live under bad and poor conditions, so our primary target groups are therefore women in the local community. The secondary target are the further effects that comes of helping women, the family, and especially the children.


The groups will help the women to cooperate and thus empower them both socially and economically. This will open the opportunity for a better future for the children and the rest of the family, also when it comes to education for the children.


Furthermore, the project will also strengthen the community as a whole, based on improved economics, education and knowledge.

The groups will also act as a saving group. The women save up money in a joint bank, which will be used for necessary expenses, and are supposed to contribute to a better economic understanding and security.


Lack of education and little access to media, leads us to the last function of the women’s groups, as a teaching/discussion group. The local social worker will therefore be responsible for guiding the groups in various topics such as budget, health, disease, hygiene, contraception, human rights and other topics that the group have interest in talking about

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